Jack Silver Formal Wear, Inc.

261 W. 35th Street
Suite 200, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10001

(212) 582 0202

Impeccably tailored Performance Attire for
Musicians, Conductors, & Dancers

Tailored for Performance

Performers need to be able to move comfortably, without being restricted by clothing. Our team of expert tailors will provide you with a full range of motion in your garment. We help you select beautiful, breathable fabrics that will make you feel comfortable and confident on stage.

Please see our accessories section for ideas on individualizing your look.


A Note To Stylists

We offer an extensive selection of vintage formal wear, including ruffled shirts and powder blue tuxedos. Our expert tailoring results in rental garments that leave our showroom with the appearance of high-end purchased suits.

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